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Home Baking for Profit: Over 100 Best-Selling Bakery Recipes

First Ms. Fix shared her business knowledge in “Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business.” Now she moves with us into the kitchen. “Home Baking for Profit: Over 100 Best-Selling Bakery Recipes” is a must-have resource for all home bakers who want to improve their products and skills by moving their baking to the next level. It’s part cookbook and part professional baking manual, and it’s for anyone who bakes and sells or simply wants to learn tips and tricks from a professional.

“Home Baking for Profit” is more than your typical baking cookbook. It has two distinct parts. Part one explains about baking and includes all the secrets she’s learned in her retail, commercial, and home-based baking career. It contains short-cuts, tips, and proven results rarely found anywhere, including tips for recipe and product development, shortcuts for how to improve kitchen production, and how to adapt commercial baking to home baking. Plus it covers everything you didn’t know to ask about how heat and ovens affect your baked goods. She draws upon her experience working with and calibrating both home and professional grade ovens to help readers fully utilize their home ovens.

Part two includes more than 100 of her best-selling recipes with variations and creative ideas to help turn them into signature baked goods. Plus you’ll find “Insider Tips” for maximizing sales appeal. Many authors with little or no experience hold themselves up as experts. Ms. Fix, however, with 30 plus years experience in the food industry, actually gives readers usable and productive tips, secrets of the professionals. This book is clearly a recipe for success.

From ovens to ingredients to proven best-selling recipes, you will learn more about home baking than you ever thought possible. After years of combined retail, commercial, and home baking experience, she shares what customers want, and all businesses need to know, by explaining how to:

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Home Baking for Profit