Slumping Sales for Factory Made Foods and Mixes

No mixes here! Real scratch-made, homemade cake!

How is our friend, Betty Crocker? Glad you asked!

“The fictional homemaker General Mills invented back in the 1920s is not happy.” From a Star-Tribune article, General Mills’ Betty Crocker, Pillsbury cope with baking slump, “Sales of Betty Crocker baking mixes, a classic General Mills offering, have been in the dumps for over two years. Another major part of the General Mills baking business, its Pillsbury refrigerated dough line, has experienced weakness, too. Indeed, the entire U.S. baking mix market has been eroding. …’the biggest factor in our category is that people are just busy,’ said Elizabeth Nordlie, vice president for baking at Golden Valley-based General Mills.” The article goes on to state that, “On-the-go consumers are more drawn to ready-made cookies, cakes or pies.”

Why is this important to us, the home-based food processor? Because this story confirms that sales of fresh baked goods are growing.

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