Sidestepping Food Industry License Regulations


A recent article, Homemade App Connects Local Cooks And Eaters Through Home Cooked Meals, was published in a Philadelphia magazine. It describes the new app Homemade, as “an incredible resource for cooks who can’t afford or are too busy to run their own restaurant but would like to make some money selling their food. Not only is the app an effective platform for that, but it also offers free coaching for cooks to help them become successful… cooks can get help with food photography, marketing, establishing their brand, and setting prices for their meals.”

Another article in the Wall Street Journal glorifies and promotes Homemade as an idea of selling home prepared foods with no license regulations. “Homemade … sidesteps laws that forbid food sales without a licensed commercial kitchen by deeming all purchases made through the app as a food-with-friends arrangement… We think that over time the laws and the regulatory environment will advance and sort of catch up…”


Clearly, these tech people are naïve. They’ve strayed from their area of expertise and have no idea how health and safety regulators will respond. In terms of protecting the public from serious food violations, agencies responsible for public welfare will no doubt step in to correct the “sidesteppers.”

Home-Based Baking at its Best! Really best when businesses are licensed.

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