A Growing Trend That Makes Me Sad

Our culture is food obsessed. And as the obsession grows, we’re becoming more obnoxious with our food preoccupation.

Bake Magazine featured an article this week, Zagat survey shows national dining trends to look out for

The Zagat survey had results from 10,000 diners across the U.S. Not only did the survey find that photography is a growing trend, but also:

1. 41% of diners say they post food photos to social media immediately at the table
2. 60% have stopped dining companions from eating so they can take food photos
3. 50% have taken photos of every dish at the table
4. And, quite shockingly obnoxious, 5% have even asked another table if they can photograph their dish

But what I find absolutely appalling, the survey goes on to tell us that “17% admit they have or would lie about it being a special occasion in order to get a freebie while 14% have or would fake a food allergy to get a dish modified to their liking, such as gluten-free offerings.”

That makes me sad. Why would anyone lie about such things? And then I think, what else are they lying about?

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