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Home Kitchens Meet the Bun Pan Rack

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Does your business baking turn your kitchen into a hunt for space?


Do you dread the holiday production nightmare?


I often receive questions from home bakers asking for help with this problem, especially when I show photos from my baking classes with this wonderful piece of equipment:

This sheet pan rack is old, but certainly does the job!

If you have a home-based food business you already know about heavy production in a home kitchen. Meet the home version of this commercial equipment, useful for cooling and storing baking pans as they come out hot from the oven.

Meet the half height bun pan rack.

The Webstaurant Store is only one of numerous restaurant equipment stores that sell many types of bun pan (or sheet pan) racks. The above rack is an end load half-height rack, designed for half sheet pans and can be assembled with or without wheels, and can be put away after the holidays. It holds up to 10 full size or 20 half size sheet pans and is not too costly. You can find new ones for just over $100.

You’ll find more tips and tricks for home kitchen efficiency in Home Baking for Profit.

Home-Based Baking at its Best!

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